TBS Barcelona alumni meet for the end of the academic course

Monday, June 22, 2015 - 13:30

The value of alumni networking

On Thursday 18th June, a group of up to twenty TBS Barcelona alumni met to revive good moments at the school, catch up and chat about their current occupations. One of the first TBS Barcelona alumni, Jean-Marc Soulié, came to the event and met the new but also the future alumni, because some third year Bachelor students decided to assist to the meeting in order to get started in the post-university life.

Through university life, students develop bonds and friendships that will later become strategic liasions for their professional life. As a freshman student, one cannot necessarily notice, but by making friends in university he or she is networking.

Networking means developing relationships or contacts, building partnerships that support you, share information. This can help building a base of contacts for future references and provide support that can lead to multiple professional opportunities. And when you have finished university, networking can help explore new career options and help you keep up with changes in the field.


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