The Bachelor in Management Programme is an official undergraduate degree in business administration and international business

It is addressed at young students who have completed their SECONDARY EDUCATION (high school) and would like an education in business management, with particular emphasis in the areas of marketing, international business and negotiation.

The Bachelor in Management prepares competent professionals who successfully work in the different areas of a business. The future employability of students is the key principle that steers all educational activities.

The curriculum is characterised by:

  • Its internationality: includes the rare opportunity to study each year of the programme in a different country and requires students to learn to communicate in other languages.
  • Tools for developing managerial skills through workshops and classes.

  • Mandatory work experience each year of the programme.

Teaching methods are varied and combine presentations, lectures by professionals and researchers, workshops to develop managerial skills, working sessions with case studies, and intensive use of teamwork and project development.

There is not just one evaluation system, but rather each class uses a combination of assessment tools and methods, including exercises, quizzes, projects, essays, case studies and exams. Unconventional methods are also used, including evaluation of participation, peer assessment and self-assessment. Ongoing monitoring is essential for assessing how well skills are being developed.

The programme provides an opportunity to delve into specific areas of management through specialisation options.


The main objectives of the Bachelor programme are:

First year

  • Learn essential knowledge in the disciplines of management.
  • Understand the social, political and economic environment of enterprises.
  • Develop oral and written communication skills.
  • Learn methods of reasoning and organisation.

Second and Third year

  • Master sales and management skills.
  • Expand knowledge of economic environments to an international context.
  • Design action plans based on a strategic vision.
  • Apply different management skills in the context of the chosen option.

Subjects are distributed in blocks of 60 ECTS each year, that also includes a compulsory period of professional full-time internship in a company anywhere in the world:
Bachelor in Management Programme TBS Barcelona

*We will consider as "International student" any student who has lived at least one year in a different country to the integrated campus in the 8 years before the course starting date. 1st or 2nd year internship must be abroad fo all non international students. 

Students can also (under certain conditions) undertake their third year in a partner university if they choose the "international path".

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Specialisations Semester 5 and 6 (available on 2017-2018)

Bachelor in Management Improvement Path

*These paths may vary. Due to possible evolution we are unable to assure that all of these will be opened at this time.

Specialisations currently available in Barcelona

Academic year 2017-2018:


Specialisation in Social Web & Digital Marketing

Knowledge of internet-based technology (IBT) is essential for any executive worldwide in today’s professional world, as they are an excellent tool for identifying opportunities to improve business processes and development. The key is to understand how these technologies change and to know the contexts, logics and vocabulary for coordinating activities and remaining one step ahead. The Social WEB & Digital Marketing option gives future executives this opportunity, enabling them to meet the requirements of group work online and to coordinate with others in global environments.

Upon completing the course, students will understand the potential and the challenges offered by information and communication technologies to add necessary value added to a company’s activities while developing a good working environment to be able to manage required business processes.

This option is divided into modules, seminars and workshops. Throughout the entire time, students work on a consulting project for a company. These modules are designed so that students understand the relationship between IBT and business.

  1. Topics cover the organisation and use of ICT in functional areas
  2. There are short sessions and workshops on case studies
  3. There is a project to improve a real company



Specialisation in Fashion & Luxury Management

The study path aims to develop the new generation of managers in the luxury & fashion sector providing a comprehensive and practical approach to fulfill the market demand for highly qualified professionals. With a global appeal, it is also intended for those who want to evolve in an international context.

The path will help students better understand the specificities of management within luxury & fashion companies. From background to present day, the program will provide a deep comprehension of these markets and the strategies and tools for a successful administration.

Classes will provide a framework regarding luxury & fashion management with theory, specific know-how about key sectors, trends but also with a pragmatic approach (teachers who are experts of the sector) & practical application with case studies, conferences and internships.


Download the course outline
Social web & digital marketing course outline
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Specialisation in Entrepreneurship

A total of 99% of businesses in the European Union are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), thus making entrepreneurship a key activity for the region’s development.

Following a course of study in entrepreneurship helps students learn to turn ideas into action, which is an essential quality in the creation of businesses, but is also essential in any business environment in which students hold business development responsibilities.

Entrepreneurs are professionals who have chosen to work independently, are creative and are able to innovate. They are people who stand out in their profession and who help fill the needs of our society locally and globally.

This option provides students with:

  1. Business skills and genuine commitment, knowledge and understanding of problems, and building of confidence in their actions.
  2. The ability to “read” the world, identify value-added opportunities that will be financially and socially valuable, and seize them quickly and effectively.
  3. The ability to effectively and sustainably mobilise different players in pursuit of a common interest and in a common action.
  4. The ability to conceptualise and develop business projects from scratch or within consolidated structures in large organisations



Download the course outline
Entrepreneurship course outline
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Testimonials & basic information
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Other specialisations currently available in Toulouse

Public Service

Ethics is a core value of Toulouse Business School, and its programme includes a special Public Service module that aims to promote students’ sense of responsibility.

The Public Service module is a 50-hour activity (not defined in the conventional calendar) through which students in the basic cycle provide service in usually non-profit organisations.

This subject is designed to make students aware of the actual situation of our society and to show them how to manage and direct an association whose product is people’s welfare.

At the end of the module, most students believe that this activity has provided them with personal added value. Approximately 30% of students continue with their public service after completing the 50 hours required officially.

Video by students Carla García Bigatá, Sabina Morell and Maximilan Yakolev.


Interview in Campus Channel


Watch the interview question by question


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