Graduates, sponsor a student!

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 16:45

The TBS association of former students has created an initiative to promote ties between graduates and students

Who has never thought that if they had known some things earlier, they would have done things differently?To help all students at Toulouse Business School, regardless of the programme they are following or where they are studying, the association of former students of TBS has launched the Parrainage (Sponsorship) initiative, which will be used to strengthen relationships between graduates and students.

Becoming the sponsor of a TBS student will mean that a student and the sponsoring graduate will meet, either in person or electronically, at least twice a year.The former student will play the role of mentor regarding those subjects that most concern our students: how to develop their career, how to choose internships, how to network…or even how to deal with certain academic subjects!Also, as far as possible, the former alumni will be able to introduce students to their professional network of contacts, thereby helping them to create their own list of contacts.  

The over 30,000 former students of Toulouse Business School are the ambassadors for the success of the school and the best proof of the high quality of teaching at our institution.Helping the students who nowadays fill TBS lecture rooms will expand their personal and professional horizons and will help them to succeed in their studies.

More information:

  • TBS alumni webpage
  • Contact: alumni(@)
  • This article will be published in the 25th issue of Esencial magazine.


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