Master in Management

Aimed at young university graduates who want to expand their knowledge of business management and develop their management skills.

The Toulouse Business School Master in Management is characterised by the substantial work done in acquiring skills and knowhow, its professional nature and its adaptability. The new educational reform implemented in September 2011 establishes for students:

  • True specialisation, with over 400 hours of speciality courses to better meet the growing demand for professionalization by the companies and organisations that recruit our young graduates

  • A wide range of speciality areas through six majors in M1 and 25 professional options in M2 in a large array of disciplines and industries, including cultural management, working tools for audits and finances, business to business marketing and aerospace management

  • The possibility of earning double prestigious degrees

  • A highly professional programme with between 12 and 16 months of work experience depending on the programme chosen by the student, in France or abroad.

  • A high degree of modularity to build a programme adapted to your pace and personal development, with the possibility of earning a degree in three years (two years for those who have a professional degree and enter directly into the Master Programme, 3 ½ years, 4 years, 4 ½ years .

Organisation of the Master in Management Programme in Barcelona:

It is not possible to study the whole MIM programme in Barcelona. First semester is only available in Toulouse Campus. In Barcelona we receive students for the second and third semester and the internship. 

1st year  60 ECTS

2nd year  60 ECTS

September - December

September - December

This semester is only taught in Toulouse.

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Grand Écrit (Master final exam)


Strategic consulting project for a real company


Professionalization Option

Period of professional integration. Synthesis of acquired knowledge, focusing on a function or industry.


  • BtoB Business
  • BtoC Business
  • Management Control and Governance
  • Finances
  • International Business
  • Service Company Management

January - July

January - July

Common Core


  • Human Resources
  • Business Strategy
  • System Dynamics
  • Business Plan
  • International Business


Specialisation period to gain perspectives and working tools in a particular area

  • Marketing
  • Finanzas
  • International Management

Business Game


Work Experience

6 months full time at a company anywhere in the world


Work Experience:

During the Master Programme, students can do up to 24 months of work experience to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. We believe that the only way to really know if you are content professionally is to come face to face with the day-to-day activities of a company, of a job.

The optional year at companies (two six-month periods of work experience at two different companies or 12 months at the same company) between the first and second year of the Master Programme ensures that our students gain experience and become more mature before choosing the professional option in their last academic year. It gives them a chance to decide whether or not they are interested in working abroad and to build their career path previously validated by the school, while also gaining solid experience for their CV.

As with Bachelor students, the school provides Master students with the Career Starter unit  Career Starter.