The passion of chef Carme Ruscalleda in ‘TBS ON AIR’

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 16:15

“I need to see the customers, to see whether their eyes are shining, whether we have taken our cooking to another level” 

For one week, TBS Barcelona has converted the School into a large radio set, in order to interview people who have achieved celebrity in Spain, and to commemorate its twentieth anniversary at the same time.

The radio programme ‘TBS On Air’, presented by the announcer Eduard Pascual, with the support of several students and experts from the School, has brought together five personalities whose great passion for their work has led them to make great sacrifices in order to achieve success in their different fields: Víctor Amela, Joan Pera, Ona Carbonell, Carme Ruscalleda and Jordi Labanda.


Carme Ruscalleda, the woman who has won more Michelin stars than anyone else in the world, and until 2016 the chef with the most stars in Spain, emphasised on TBS On Air her commitment to fresh food, “which was the main reason for opening my first restaurant, leaving stored food in the past”.

The chef stressed that being an entrepreneur is not an easy task for anyone, especially at the beginning: “The first person who must believe in your idea is yourself” – asserts the chef – “you have to be ready to cross an arid desert, to fail many times, and not to lower your guard. If you are rigorous and honest, the desert will be shorter, and sooner or later you will have crossed it”.

Carme also mentioned the hard work done by all the members of her team, for whom she only had praise: “Every day, I learn new things from them. They all add something”, she states. Concerning her employees, she adds that, when interviewing them, a key question is “Where have you eaten recently?” because “a cook has to be a good eater, and ready to spend money to find out what other restaurants are doing”.



Without doubt, a chef who believes in originality, and who has achieved great success with her ‘Sant Pau’ restaurant in Tokyo. She says that she is in love with Japan, and that when asked to choose between Catalan or Japanese food, she replies with a resounding “Catalan-Japanese” 

But Carme Ruscalleda confesses that the first time a businessman suggested that she open a restaurant in Japan, she thought he was “crazy”. She didn’t tell him, but that’s what she thought. Until, as a result of that businessman’s insistence, she travelled to Japan, and there he showed her a replica of her building in Sant Pol de Mar.

She is a person with a lot of energy, clear ideas and great creativity, which is reflected in one sentence: “It is prohibited to prohibit in the kitchen”. She knows that her “expiry date”, as she calls it, is not far away, but she asserts without a shadow of a doubt that “While I feel this enthusiasm, this passion, and while I still have good health, I shall continue”.

You can listen to the podcast of the interview on the following website:


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