TBS Barcelona Turns the School into a Radio Set

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:30

TBS Barcelona and some successful personalities turned the school into a radio set to celebrate its 20th anniversary 

The Business School welcomed personalities like Víctor Amela, Joan Pera, Ona Carbonell, Carme Ruscalled and Jordi Labanda

For four days in mid-February, TBS Barcelona turned the School into a radio set to interview a select group of personalities who have been successful in Spain and to commemorate its twentieth anniversary.

The TBS On Air radio programme, led by the journalist Eduard Pascual and several supporting students, gathered five well-known personalities, Víctor Amela, Joan Pera, Ona Carbonell, Carme Ruscalleda and Jordi Labanda, who share a common denominator: motivation and passion for their work. You can listen to the interviews (in Spanish) here: http://www.tbs-education.es/es/20-years/programas-de-radio



Víctor Amela, journalist and successful writer, was the first to be interviewed, after an initial introduction by Olivier Benielli, the Director of TBS Barcelona, in which he emphasised the transgressive tendencies of today’s young people, who are able to break rules and create their own businesses. Víctor Amela staged his own transgression with his book “La filla del capità Groc” (The Yellow Captain’s Daughter) which was the bestselling book of Sant Jordi’s Day 2016. 

According to Amela “you can learn more history by reading a novel than a history book”. He also asserted that “no matter how insignificant a story may seem, it is worth telling if you invest enough energy and care into it”. As for the content of the book, he considered Groc to be the first citizen outraged by the rise of protocapitalism. On the issue of objectivity/subjectivity, a topic raised by the students of TBS Barcelona, Amela declared that “everything is subjective, except the year in which we are living”.

During the second interview, the famous Catalan actor and dubbing specialist, Joan Pera, best known for being Woody Allen’s voice in Spain, spoke of the need for “greater recognition for comic actors, who do not receive many awards”. In addition, he stated that “comic actors are the most important, and therefore attract larger audiences as they are easy to identify with”. Joan Pera, at 68 years of age, is still working non-stop and has several projects in the pipeline that will take him to Brazil and Mexico; he will also be interpreting Pau Casals in a film.

When comparing cinema to theatre, the actor declared that “cinema is a dream and theatre is magic”. However, Pera is more pro-theatre, because it allows you to be your own master. On this topic he noted that there is now much more work in the theatre sector than there was when he first started, pointing out that “there used to be four theatres in Barcelona, now we have 64”.



Ona Carbonell, the captain of the national synchronised swimming team, completed the second day of interviews by explaining how “elite sport requires total commitment and therefore one must give up many things”. In her book, “Three minutes and forty seconds” the swimmer describes her experiences through a lifetime devoted to synchronised swimming.

Carbonell stated that “the important thing is the journey one takes to winning medals, since the moment itself is very brief”. In the book Carbonell emphasises the importance of family support when striving to overcome challenges and attempting to meet the obligations to mature quickly so as not to be left behind. “I started drinking coffee to make myself seem older”, Ona said during the interview.


In the fourth interview with TBS On Air, Carme Ruscalleda, the most Michelin-starred woman in the world, emphasised her efforts to use fresh food, “which was the main goal when I opened my first restaurant, as I wanted to leave stored food behind”. In addition, Carme highlighted the hard work done by all the members of her team, for whom she only had good things to say: “Every day, I learn new things from them. They all contribute”, she stated. 

Concerning her employees, she added that when interviewing them, a key question is where they have eaten lately, because they need to be good eaters rather than great cooks. Carme is undoubtedly a chef who believes in originality and has achieved great success with her ‘Sant Pau’ restaurant in Tokyo. She professes her love for Japan, and when asked to choose between Catalan or Japanese food, she replied with a resounding “Catalan-Japanese”. She is a person who is full of clear ideas and great creativity, which is reflected in one sentence: “It is prohibited to prohibit in the kitchen”.

The final interview was with renowned illustrator Jordi Labanda. Labanda explained that “being freelance is an advantage since I can live wherever I want because my clients don’t know where I am”. During the discussion he also mentioned the therapeutic qualities of drawing and acknowledged that, as someone who does not have a smartphone, he is far removed from new technologies. Closely linked to New York City, Donald Trump’s election as president has come as a big surprise to him, though “it’s a good thing for my job because his personality lends itself to so many caricatures”.


With this radio programme TBS Barcelona has kick-started a series of events and conferences that will take place over the months of February, March, April and May to commemorate its 20th anniversary. You can find details of the entire conference programme (in Spanish) at the following link: http://tbs-education.es/es/20-years-programa-actividades

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