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Friday, February 24, 2017 - 15:15

Director of French Tech BCN: "Startups face problems to recruit talents"

Epitech, L’Idem y Toulouse Business School Barcelona, three leading independent training institutions in their respective disciplines -computer programming, graphic design and animation, and international business- will work together with French Tech BCN under the French Tech Barcelona Talents banner. From 2017 they will carry out joint activities to promote the crossdisciplinary nature of their training while working in collaboration with the technological ecosystem of Barcelona.



The technology sector has grown significantly in Barcelona since 2011. In 2015 alone, it generated 15,000 jobs and over a million euros of investment. In Catalonia there are more than 1,100 startups, which are mostly located in Barcelona. According to FrenchTech, at least 150 of these startups have links with France.

“The innovation ecosystem in Barcelona is what attracts companies: a lot has been done to attract business; there are high-quality human resources, capital, more competitive salaries, and institutions and companies that support entrepreneurship”, says Christian Marion, Director of French Tech Barcelona.

Delphine Arnau, Head of Business Relations at TBS Barcelona, adds that the quality of life and climate in Barcelona is another of the city’s draws for companies: “Talent in cities such as Dublin may want to leave; in Barcelona, professionals want to stay”.

However, Christian Marion points out that “by definition, technology and innovation startups grow very quickly and experience problems recruiting talent as supply does not match demand.”

To detect and meet the needs of Barcelona’s innovation ecosystem, French Tech Barcelona, Epitech, L’Idem and Toulouse Business School Barcelona will collaborate to create mixed training programmes and exchange students and teachers.

The objective of French Tech Barcelona Talents is to provide young people with the skills that the new market trends require and to facilitate the recruitment of new talent by companies through a series of events that will begin in 2017: hackathons, startup weekends, business consulting seminars, etc.

In addition to bringing young talent from the schools closer to startups and technology companies, Olivier Benielli, Director of TBS Barcelona, emphasises that “alongside French Tech Barcelona Talents we seek to help students develop their ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, a key skill for their future professional roles, in which they will have to deal with a range of profiles, especially at these types of companies”.

The director of TBS Barcelona also stated that this initiative “is essential to prepare students for one of the changes that will shape society: entrepreneurship activities and skills will be the jobs of tomorrow”.

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